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U of M Course-Benedict: Yesterday & Today
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Oct. 9- Nov. 10
CTH 234 Benedict: Yesterday and Today 
*This liberal arts course is required of anyone seeking a degree with U Mary
Examines the influence of St. Benedict and Benedictines on Church, history, and various facets of human thought and culture. Monasticism’s significance as a resource for ongoing spiritual renewal in the Church and culture. 
3 semester credits
Instructor: Fr. Brian Gross

 *Register by Aug. 25 and we will waive your application & deposit fees!  
Classes will be held on Thursday evenings from 6-10 p.m.  
Rough Rider Center 
Watford City, ND

Have questions, need more info, or help with registering    
         Bob Nelson 701-609-0103                 


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We are currently 4th generation ranchers here. It's a fun lifestyle for all of us. We know this is a growing place and my children will have more opportunities because of all that has happened here.

~ Calli Thorne

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