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Welcome New Members

The Watford City Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to welcome new members and grow the business community in the region.


A Hub of Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship

  • Watford City is the county seat of McKenzie County, North Dakota, and has a population of 6,523 people (as of 2020).

  • The city is located in the heart of North Dakota’s Bakken Formation, a shale oil basin that has been a major driver of economic growth in the region.

  • In recent years, Watford City has experienced a boom in oil and gas development, spurring significant job growth and business expansion.

  • The area’s economy is diversified across a range of industries, including energy, agriculture, healthcare, and tourism.

  • Watford City is home to several major employers, including Hess Corporation, QEP Resources, Statoil, and ConocoPhillips.

  • The broader community has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and supports a growing small business ecosystem, with a number of local resources available to entrepreneurs and startups.

  • Watford City’s location along major highways and proximity to regional airports makes it a strategic hub for transportation and logistics.

Job Postings

With its rapidly growing economy and diverse range of industries, the region offers an abundance of job openings across various fields and is a draw for job seekers.